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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

prison break

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

today i just finish watching prison break.. from last week i've been seen bringing my laptop everywhere.. just cant resist to know what scofield is trying to do... want to know his move.. i can say this is kind of movie that thrill me the most..

yep. it's one of the way to kill my time here.. even worse i cant play every afternoon here since the wind blow harder than we can smash the this mania let me fill the boredom..

i learnt a lot from dis movie.. esp trust nobody..that was also what my fren always said that i keep on remember..i always keep on my mind to have a trust bcos i should hv it.. i dont want to keep on lying while having a coversation.. i dont want to keep a secret long enough to know that that secret is killing me.. i always looking to have a crest to keep me that..

but i do fond of a relationship built throughout the movie.. after much hardship they face, they have been tighten their hands to move on.. everyone's safety is the most concern.. they never give up on trying to keep every single of them to keep on breathing..this bonding is rotten in the real world.. no more honest people are doing for everybody's sake but for themselves..

yep..i prefer to write in malay.. and this is a an experiment to see if my vocab is still in line.. i can say i'm not satisfy...

that's all for today.. thanks..

i thank to everyone who's reading this..

3 respon baek punya:

FarhahNur said...

hey,okay what..teacher bg thumbs up!

student said...

its ok, i think u have try ur best..


mus@akim said...

@teacher.. teeeeeerima kasiiiiiiih ckguuuuuu!!!!!!
@student.. thanks nway..

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